Zephyr Flags and Banners - Public Sector

Zephyr is a founding member of the Flag Institute, the largest flag organisation in the world and the national vexillological organisation of the United Kingdom. This provides us with an unparalleled global resource for the accurate and relevant reproduction of flags for Sovereign States and International organisations.

We have supplied UK and overseas Governments with their flag requirements throughout our history and have been the official preferred supplier to the Ministry of Defence since 2008. We proudly supplied the Royal Yacht Britannia prior to its decommissioning.

Very few suppliers have the breadth of capability and depth of production required to deliver in such specialised applications and Zephyr is proud to be able to do just that from within the UK. We have an established history of exceeding all service level requirements, even under the particularly difficult conditions that government procurement teams now face.

We are well versed in tender procedures and Framework agreements and of course, in the special nature of delivering on contracts won. Mechanisms we use include web-to-print front end management that can assist in the streamlining of re-ordering procedures, even for customised items. These tools can reduce workload at the customer procurement level and contribute strongly to minimising process errors from inception to delivery. Another valuable benefit is in management and performance monitoring for the program.